Polyphonic Annual Report


Design an annual report in the form of a responsive microsite for Polyphonic, a music-streaming site known for its unusual and experimental content. Polyphonic subscribers are passionate listeners, active in the urban and underground music scene. The design should reflect Polyphonic’s boundary-pushing musical platform and appeal to its eclectic subscriber base.

I did:

Desktop and mobile microsite, report cover

Ping Ni_Graphic Design_Digital_Polyphonic5

Electric. Progressive. Experimental.

The color palette uses vivid neons across the whole RGB spectrum, an attempt to answer the question, “if music were a color, what would it be?”.  The resulting gradient seeks to evoke the same sense of sensory stimulation readers would experience if listening to Polyphonic’s music.

Ping Ni_Graphic Design_Digital_Polyphonic3
Ping Ni_Graphic Design_Digital_Polyphonic1